Friday, March 3, 2017

Anon, U S of A, but we have our suspicions

American Swiss cheese please!

Phyllis Steen, Austin, TX, USA

A recent convert to Mail Art, Phyllis can be quite outspoken. Find Phyllis on Facebook in the gin section..

Carina Granlund, Petsmo, Finland

What fun! Cartoons from my favourite Finnish cartoonist, Carina.

Carina Granlund, Petsmo, Finland

A Book of Letters from Carina, thank you.

Dimitra Papatheodorou, Patra, Greece

A Mail Art Call from Dimitra - she will send you Greek text to alter and send back.

Visma Bruns, Waitpinga, Australia

I can bearly contain myself! Free money from Down-Under!

Vizma Bruns, Waitpinga, Australia

Lots of great cheesie Japanese loot from Vizma, AKA Sparkle Brown

Keiichi Nakamura, Tokyo, Japan

Very nice black and white prints from Keiichi in Tokyo.