Monday, December 24, 2012

Tis the Season

All the best from My House to Your House - wherever it may be.

Dame Mailarta, Victoria, BC, Canada

Ho ho ho - it's Santa and his Merry Little Elves bringing the loveliest Christmas card in an envelope with MY name on it. May your Christmas be merry and gay...

Carlos Botana, Corona, Spain

Political statement about money problems in Spain. The wolf is at the door. Gracias Carlos

Fleur Helsingor, Oakland, CA, USA

A Bandana Tree trading card with lovely colours. Many thanks Fleur.

Art Tower, Ashaffenburg, Germany

Wonderful stamps on Art's envelope. Welcome to Paper and Postage. Danke Mr Schwind

Piggy One Mail Art, Melin, Belgium

A Christmas Greeting by Flying Piggy Post. Ce n'est pas du lard - c'est du mail art. I will think of you when I have my bacon on Christmas Day - Happy Holly-days Nicole.

Anna Banana, Roberts Creek, BC, Canada

Ms Ban-ana of Can-ada wants to hear about your obsessions. Merci for the mail Anna.