Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Marina Salmaso, Copenhagen, Denmark

Late breaking update!
Marina has sent me a photo of her scanner-freezing fabric.
Now I will know what to do if I have the same problem with another piece.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PTRZIA TICTAC, Starnberg, Germany

New call for TicTac
Message in a Bottle

Gail Whitter, Trail, BC, Canada

Gail Whitter, Trail, BC, Canada

Gail has a great sense of humour and a call on Books -
See her blog at
(took me awhile to get bairfayst)

Keith Buchholz, St Louis, MO, USA

Samuel Montalvetti, Argentina

Samuel wants mail from you!
Samuel Montalvetti
Av RIVADAVIA 2109 1 - 3
C1034ACA - C. A. Bb. As

Test Tower, Centralia, WA, USA

T the Tower of Male Art has a new call -
"A Fluxus Affair" - a celebration of Romance
in Heebee Jeebeeland

Dewi, Toronto, ON, Canada

Dewi and I held a seance and look who showed up!

Miranda Vissers, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Miranda has a Mail Art Project on Collecting.
Please send her a postcard on your Collection by the end of this year.
Miranda Vissers
Jo Goudkuillaan 2
NL-5626 GC Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Diane Bertrand, Saint-Leonard, QC, Canada

Nikki Soppelsa, Berea, OH, USA

Nikki Soppelsa, Berea, OH, USA

Nikki has managed to include political issues in her fads and fashion envelope.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Guido Vermeulen, Brussels, Belgium

Guido has painted a dress for this ghost that he dreamed about. Time to get a Dreamcatcher Guido.

Marina Salmaso, Copenhagen, Denmark

This stamped envelope contained fabric printed with the same stamping but every time I tried to scan the material my scanner would freeze. That has never happened before, maybe there were ghosties in the envelope too. How exciting! I will use it but I can't seem to show it???

David Koepp, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Valentine Mark Herman, Sigean, France

Conceptual artist, author, photographer, collector, rock 'n' roller, cat lover, conceptual writer, lobbyist, environmental consultant, drinking companion, household name (in his own household), intellectual, ex-athlete etc.
Valentine is well-rounded

D. C. Spaulding, Lomita, CA, USA

Medwolf, Battleford, Sask., Canada

Hugo Porcaro, Gulfport, FL, USA

Hong In Young, An-Young City, South Korea